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Here on this page you'll find an overview of all different My Little Pony Ponyville Sets. You can click on the set images or any of the links under the images to see more releases of that set.
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2006 - Multi Packs

My Little Pony Minty & Friends Ponyville
Minty & Friends
(4 figures)

2006 - Building Playsets

2007 - Singles

My Little Pony Popcorn Cart Ponyville
Popcorn Cart
(2 figures)
My Little Pony Sharing Sweets Ponyville
Sharing Sweets
(1 figure)
My Little Pony Tea Ponyville
(1 figure)
My Little Pony Scoot Along Ponyville
Scoot Along
(1 figure)
My Little Pony Swing Along Ponyville
Swing Along
(1 figure)
My Little Pony Shoe Time Ponyville
Shoe Time
(1 figure)

2007 - Multi Packs

My Little Pony 6-pack Ponyville
(6 figures)

2007 - Holiday Packs

My Little Pony 3-pack Ponyville
(12 figures)

2007 - Accessory Playsets

My Little Pony Deliver Goodies Ponyville
Deliver Goodies
(4 figures)
My Little Pony Fancy Fashions Ponyville
Fancy Fashions
(2 figures)
My Little Pony Scootin
Scootin' Along
(8 figures)
My Little Pony Teacup Parade Ponyville
Teacup Parade
(2 figures)

2007 - Building Playsets

My Little Pony Sweet Shoppe Ponyville
Sweet Shoppe
(1 figure)
My Little Pony Teapot Palace Ponyville
Teapot Palace
(1 figure)

2007 - McDonald's

My Little Pony Happy Meal Ponyville
Happy Meal
(8 figures)

2008 - Singles

My Little Pony Time to Bake Ponyville
Time to Bake
(1 figure)
My Little Pony Let
Let's Bake
(1 figure)
My Little Pony Get Pretty Ponyville
Get Pretty
(1 figure)
My Little Pony Serve Snacks Ponyville
Serve Snacks
(1 figure)

2008 - Multi Packs

My Little Pony 4-pack Ponyville
(8 figures)
My Little Pony Dress-up 3-pack Ponyville
Dress-up 3-pack
(3 figures)

2008 - Accessory Playsets

My Little Pony Bumper Cars Ponyville
Bumper Cars
(4 figures)
My Little Pony On Stage Ponyville
On Stage
(2 figures)
My Little Pony Rain or Shine Ponyville
Rain or Shine
(2 figures)
My Little Pony Snacks Ponyville
(2 figures)
My Little Pony Carry Bag Ponyville
Carry Bag
(4 figures)

2008 - Building Playsets

2008 - Holiday Packs

My Little Pony Easter Eggs Ponyville
Easter Eggs
(14 figures)
My Little Pony Advent Calendar Ponyville
Advent Calendar
(6 figures)

2008 - Other Releases

My Little Pony Carry Case Ponyville
Carry Case
(1 figure)

2009 - Singles

My Little Pony French Variant Ponyville
French Variant
(4 figures)
My Little Pony Skating Fun Ponyville
Skating Fun
(1 figure)
My Little Pony Gymnastics Fun Ponyville
Gymnastics Fun
(1 figure)
My Little Pony Sing & Dance Ponyville
Sing & Dance
(1 figure)
My Little Pony Ice Cream Cart Ponyville
Ice Cream Cart
(1 figure)
My Little Pony Party Time Ponyville
Party Time
(1 figure)
My Little Pony Scooter Ponyville
(1 figure)

2009 - Multi Packs

My Little Pony Target 3-Pack Ponyville
Target 3-Pack
(3 figures)

2009 - Accessory Playsets

My Little Pony Snacks With Ponyville
Snacks With
(2 figures)
My Little Pony Cheerleader Fun Ponyville
Cheerleader Fun
(2 figures)
My Little Pony Cooking Party Ponyville
Cooking Party
(2 figures)
My Little Pony Pizza Night Ponyville
Pizza Night
(2 figures)
My Little Pony Tricycle Ponyville
(2 figures)

2009 - Building Playsets

My Little Pony Ferris Wheel Ponyville
Ferris Wheel
(1 figure)
My Little Pony Gumball House Ponyville
Gumball House
(1 figure)

2009 - Holiday Packs

My Little Pony Celebrate Spring Ponyville
Celebrate Spring
(4 figures)
My Little Pony Halloween Tube Ponyville
Halloween Tube
(2 figures)

2009 - Other Releases

My Little Pony Adventure Game Ponyville
Adventure Game
(4 figures)
My Little Pony Puzzle Ponyville
(2 figures)

2010 - Singles

My Little Pony Mermaid Ponyville
(5 figures)

2010 - Accessory Playsets

My Little Pony Teacups & Treats Ponyville
Teacups & Treats
(2 figures)
My Little Pony Birthday Splash Ponyville
Birthday Splash
(5 figures)

2010 - Building Playsets

2010 - Holiday Packs

My Little Pony Valentine Tube Ponyville
Valentine Tube
(2 figures)

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