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My Little Pony Brushables by Series

On this page you'll find an overview of all My Little Pony Brushables by series. You can click on the first image or link to see all items, or select any of the series to filter.

Main Lines

MLP Original Series Brushable Figures
Original Series
(172 ponies)2010 - 2015
MLP Pony Wedding Brushable Figures
Pony Wedding
(35 ponies)2012
MLP Crystal Empire Brushable Figures
Crystal Empire
(36 ponies)2012
MLP Rainbow Power Brushable Figures
Rainbow Power
(50 ponies)2013 - 2014
MLP Cutie Mark Magic Brushable Figures
Cutie Mark Magic
(89 ponies)2014 - 2015
MLP Explore Equestria Brushable Figures
Explore Equestria
(70 ponies)2015 - 2016
MLP Reboot Series Brushable Figures
Reboot Series
(56 ponies)2016

Store Exclusive Lines

MLP Pony Friends Forever Brushable Figures
Pony Friends Forever
(10 ponies)Toys"R"Us Exclusive Set2012 - 2013
MLP Collector Series Brushable Figures
Collector Series
(18 ponies)Toys"R"Us Exclusive Set2012 - 2013
MLP Ponymania Brushable Figures
(17 ponies)Toys"R"Us Exclusive Set2014 - 2015
MLP The Elements of Friendship Brushable Figures
The Elements of Friendship
(5 ponies)Toys"R"Us Exclusive Set2016
MLP Friendship Festival Brushable Figures
Friendship Festival
(20 ponies)Toys"R"Us Exclusive Set2017
MLP Through the Mirror Brushable Figures
Through the Mirror
(6 ponies)Walmart Exclusive Set2013 - 2014
MLP MLP The Movie Walmart Brushable Figures
MLP The Movie Walmart
(7 ponies)Walmart Exclusive Set2017
MLP Canterlot Brushable Figures
(17 ponies)Target Exclusive Set2011
MLP Pinkie Pie's Boutique Brushable Figures
Pinkie Pie's Boutique
(5 ponies)Target Exclusive Set2013
MLP Wild Rainbow Brushable Figures
Wild Rainbow
(4 ponies)Target Exclusive Set2014
MLP Power Ponies Brushable Figures
Power Ponies
(14 ponies)Target Exclusive Set2015
MLP Wonderbolts Brushable Figures
(8 ponies)Target Exclusive Set2016
MLP MLP The Movie Target Brushable Figures
MLP The Movie Target
(7 ponies)Target Exclusive Set2017

Other Lines

MLP Equestria Girls Brushable Figures
Equestria Girls
(2 ponies)2013
MLP Specials Brushable Figures
(17 ponies)2012 - 2016