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Welcome to the MLPMerch.com My Little Pony merch database. Here you'll find lots of information on all kinds of MLP merchandise. You can filter every category on various features, such as pony, body type or release. Or you can use the search function to browse through all merch types.
Please select a merch type below, search your figure by chracter or use Find My Pony:

Generation 1 MLP Merch

MLP G1 Ponies Database
G1 Ponies
(1289 ponies)
MLP G1 Plush Database
G1 Plush
(55 ponies)
MLP G1 Retro Ponies Database
G1 Retro
(225 ponies)
MLP Petite Ponies Database
Petite Ponies
(90 ponies)
MLP Dream Beauties Database
Dream Beauties
(18 ponies)

Generation 2 MLP Merch

MLP G2 Ponies Database
G2 Ponies
(198 ponies)

Generation 3 & 3.5 MLP Merch

MLP G3 Ponies Database
G3 Ponies
(826 ponies)
MLP G3.5 Ponies Database
G3.5 Ponies
(108 ponies)
MLP Ponyville Figures Database
(289 figures)

Generation 4 MLP Merch

MLP G4 Blind Bag Database
G4 Blind Bags
(1308 figures)
MLP G4 Brushable Database
G4 Brushables
(1034 ponies)
MLP Equestria Girls Database
Equestria Girls
(317 figures)
MLP Hasbro POP Ponies Database
Hasbro POP
(62 ponies)
MLP G4 Plush Database
G4 Plush
(788 ponies)
MLP G4 Other Figures Database
G4 Other Figures
(874 figures)
MLP Basic Fun Figures Database
Basic Fun
(234 figures)
MLP Funko Figures Database
Funko Figures
(268 ponies)
MLP Media Database
(987 items)
MLP Enterplay Database
(3628 items)
MLP Comics Database
(344 comics)

Generation 4.5 MLP Merch

MLP G4.5 Blind Bag Database
G4.5 Blind Bags
(131 ponies)
MLP G4.5 Brushable Database
G4.5 Brushables
(67 ponies)

Generation 5 MLP Merch

MLP G5 Main Series Database
G5 Main Series
(121 ponies)
MLP G5 Blind Bag Database
G5 Blind Bags
(39 ponies)
MLP Mini World Magic Database
Mini World Magic
(46 figures)
MLP G5 Plush Database
G5 Plush
(59 ponies)
MLP G5 Other Figures Database
G5 Other Figures
(86 figures)
MLP G5 Comics Database
(38 comics)

Other Toylines

Fairy Tails Database
Fairy Tails
(56 figures)
Lost Kitties
Lost Kitties
Lost Kitties have moved to The Toy Pool

We'd like to thank the following people for donating images to our databases:
Blind Bags: Elwyn, Breyer600, collec-jcg, StrawberryReef, Brian, Alistair, Mowza2k2, Eurocoin, Ponyfan, Suvi, RarAppleDash, Sprinklecupcake, MilkyTaroMochi, Carrehz, Ayu, Mlulu, Orla, Andrea, Alexandra, Georgiana, Jessie, Amsuko, Sayburn, Mélanie & Clouddreamer
Brushables: Tulips
Funko: Aquatic Neon
Plush: BBToyStore, Ayu
CCG/TCG: Destiny Draw, Lauryn, Demedicia, Thao, Amandaa99, Breyer600, Pomah, Okamigirl64, Shawna & Clouddreamer
Dog Tags: Niksilp, ask-seaswirl, icellama85 & Chloe
Other Figures: faiko007, Ayu, Sharon, Oleg, Katy & Konrad
G1/G2/G3 Special Thanks: Ashlyne, Breyer600 , StrawberryReef , Spoosh , babydoll84_uk , paradise*auction , Silver*dawn & Benitta
Fairy Tails: ThePonyBusiness

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