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Here on this page you'll find an overview of all different MLP G3 Ponies Sets. You can click on the set images or any of the links under the images to see more releases of that set.


MLP Wave 1 G3 Ponies
Wave 1
(23 ponies)
MLP Wave 2 G3 Ponies
Wave 2
(19 ponies)
MLP 2-Pack G3 Ponies
(28 ponies)
MLP Tea Party G3 Ponies
Tea Party
(2 ponies)
MLP Licensing Show G3 Ponies
Licensing Show
(2 ponies)


MLP Bonus G3 Ponies
(42 ponies)
MLP Wave 3 G3 Ponies
Wave 3
(11 ponies)
MLP Ice Dancing G3 Ponies
Ice Dancing
(1 pony)
MLP Twirling Fun G3 Ponies
Twirling Fun
(2 ponies)
MLP 4-Pack G3 Ponies
(24 ponies)
MLP Wishing Well G3 Ponies
Wishing Well
(1 pony)
MLP Perfect Hair G3 Ponies
Perfect Hair
(1 pony)
MLP PC Play Pack G3 Ponies
PC Play Pack
(1 pony)


MLP Study Break G3 Ponies
Study Break
(1 pony)
MLP 2-pack G3 Ponies
(28 ponies)
MLP 4-pack G3 Ponies
(24 ponies)
MLP Dress Up G3 Ponies
Dress Up
(3 ponies)
MLP Baby Alive G3 Ponies
Baby Alive
(1 pony)
MLP Make Me Better G3 Ponies
Make Me Better
(3 ponies)
Let's Go
(4 ponies)
MLP Musical Wishes G3 Ponies
Musical Wishes
(3 ponies)
MLP Sharing Tea G3 Ponies
Sharing Tea
(3 ponies)
MLP Garden Stand G3 Ponies
Garden Stand
(2 ponies)
MLP Tea Time Fun G3 Ponies
Tea Time Fun
(1 pony)
MLP Dress-Up Fun G3 Ponies
Dress-Up Fun
(1 pony)
MLP Picnic Fun G3 Ponies
Picnic Fun
(1 pony)
MLP MLP Fair G3 Ponies
MLP Fair
(9 ponies)
MLP SDCC G3 Ponies
(6 ponies)
MLP Pony Project G3 Ponies
Pony Project
(2 ponies)


MLP Fancy Hair G3 Ponies
Fancy Hair
(1 pony)
MLP Ballet Fun G3 Ponies
Ballet Fun
(1 pony)
MLP Popcorn Fun G3 Ponies
Popcorn Fun
(3 ponies)
MLP Walking G3 Ponies
(1 pony)


MLP Ballet G3 Ponies
(2 ponies)


MLP Wave 3 Bonus G3 Ponies
Wave 3 Bonus
(2 ponies)
MLP Wave 4 G3 Ponies
Wave 4
(3 ponies)
MLP Wave 5 G3 Ponies
Wave 5
(7 ponies)
MLP Wave 5 Bonus G3 Ponies
Wave 5 Bonus
(2 ponies)
MLP Wave 6 G3 Ponies
Wave 6
(7 ponies)
MLP Wave 6 Bonus G3 Ponies
Wave 6 Bonus
(3 ponies)
MLP Crawling G3 Ponies
(2 ponies)
MLP Bucket G3 Ponies
(3 ponies)
MLP Art Ponies G3 Ponies
Art Ponies
(3 ponies)


MLP Dancing Fun G3 Ponies
Dancing Fun
(1 pony)



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