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Here on this page you'll find an overview of all different MLP G1 Ponies Year Sets. You can click on the year set images or any of the links under the images to see more releases of that year set.
MLP Alitas Ponies G1 Ponies
Alitas Ponies
(4 ponies)
MLP Baby Pôneis G1 Ponies
Baby Pôneis
(3 ponies)
MLP Baby Sea Ponies G1 Ponies
Baby Sea Ponies
(6 ponies)
MLP Cookery Ponies G1 Ponies
Cookery Ponies
(4 ponies)
MLP Dutch Ponies G1 Ponies
Dutch Ponies
(8 ponies)
MLP Earth Ponies I G1 Ponies
Earth Ponies I
(6 ponies)
MLP Earth Ponies II G1 Ponies
Earth Ponies II
(6 ponies)
MLP Easter Ponies G1 Ponies
Easter Ponies
(2 ponies)
MLP Festa Pôneis G1 Ponies
Festa Pôneis
(7 ponies)
MLP Fiesta Ponies G1 Ponies
Fiesta Ponies
(4 ponies)
MLP Flower Ponies G1 Ponies
Flower Ponies
(4 ponies)
MLP Flutter Ponies G1 Ponies
Flutter Ponies
(6 ponies)
MLP Hairdo Ponies G1 Ponies
Hairdo Ponies
(3 ponies)
MLP Helados Ponies G1 Ponies
Helados Ponies
(3 ponies)
MLP Int. Baby Ponies G1 Ponies
Int. Baby Ponies
(35 ponies)
MLP Kawaii Pony G1 Ponies
Kawaii Pony
(2 ponies)
MLP Lily Ledy Ponies G1 Ponies
Lily Ledy Ponies
(16 ponies)
MLP Mail Order G1 Ponies
Mail Order
(58 ponies)
MLP My Pretty Pony G1 Ponies
My Pretty Pony
(4 ponies)
MLP Newborn Ponies G1 Ponies
Newborn Ponies
(6 ponies)
MLP Nurse Ponies G1 Ponies
Nurse Ponies
(3 ponies)
MLP Oshare Pony G1 Ponies
Oshare Pony
(2 ponies)
MLP Play and Care G1 Ponies
Play and Care
(6 ponies)
MLP Playset Ponies G1 Ponies
Playset Ponies
(2 ponies)
MLP Pony Alitas G1 Ponies
Pony Alitas
(3 ponies)
MLP Pony Arco Iris G1 Ponies
Pony Arco Iris
(3 ponies)
MLP Pony Aventurero G1 Ponies
Pony Aventurero
(4 ponies)
MLP Pony Caricias G1 Ponies
Pony Caricias
(4 ponies)
MLP Pony Centelleos G1 Ponies
Pony Centelleos
(6 ponies)
MLP Pony Fiesta G1 Ponies
Pony Fiesta
(6 ponies)
MLP Pony Friends G1 Ponies
Pony Friends
(4 ponies)
MLP Pony Friends II G1 Ponies
Pony Friends II
(4 ponies)
MLP Pretty Ponies G1 Ponies
Pretty Ponies
(4 ponies)
MLP Princess Ponies G1 Ponies
Princess Ponies
(12 ponies)
MLP Romance Ponies G1 Ponies
Romance Ponies
(4 ponies)
MLP Sea Ponies I G1 Ponies
Sea Ponies I
(3 ponies)
MLP Sea Ponies II G1 Ponies
Sea Ponies II
(6 ponies)
MLP Seaside Babies G1 Ponies
Seaside Babies
(3 ponies)
MLP So Soft Ponies G1 Ponies
So Soft Ponies
(22 ponies)
MLP Sparkle Ponies G1 Ponies
Sparkle Ponies
(6 ponies)
MLP Special Release G1 Ponies
Special Release
(31 ponies)
MLP Star Ponies G1 Ponies
Star Ponies
(6 ponies)
MLP Sunshine Ponies G1 Ponies
Sunshine Ponies
(6 ponies)
MLP Sweetie Babies G1 Ponies
Sweetie Babies
(4 ponies)
MLP Tropical Ponies G1 Ponies
Tropical Ponies
(4 ponies)

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